Philippians 1 : 5-7

Networking j.e.s.u.s. and Monday Morning

There are levels at which the world sees the incompetent importance of people’s existence and means. Like an elevator homed office building; important people at the top, possibility is met while pushing through the crop. The success of a business life to some, lives in the button we push to shelf life the individual we meet to become.

To some there is one level that the world sums up the individual on the elevator. In all circumstances to that summed individual, there is more to the elevator than the view of the destination. No matter what floor is pushed, it is the building that does the moving while the elevator stays at ground level.

To some there is no more to the elevator than the reception desk and thus the full use of the receptionist is explored. Information is collected with question and concern without coming in contact with other receptionists occupying the other floors.

To some it is the view of the elevator from a distance (compounded by pockets filled parking garage tickets, the receipt for a significant other’s personals, the tie, the briefcase lock combination, the briefcase, the agenda, the pen that is in the pen holder in the agenda holder, the pop up window on the companies desktop reminding of the bosses’ birthday) that is interrogated with thoughts of common sense. Why not just work from home?

To few it is the networking bridge that gaps justification with eagerness, substance with understanding, sacrifice with humanity, and you and your workplace.
To those few, every daily concern that a Monday morning brings is spelled out to bring the peace that bridges the gaps in life. And so I find my self, with those few, realizing in squint (after spilling my coffee on the locked briefcase trying to set my tie strait while smiling to the alien parking lot attendant and receptionist) an inscription that does not appear in the stone tableted floor but in the reflection of my foundation found on the elevator’s Acacia interior door,

“You will reach your purpose when time permits, but the office and elevator will cease to exist, so please pick up where I first left off and in truth persist”.

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  1. Andrea Gideon said:

    This sounds pretty good Mcgee 🙂 But, I don’t understand it entirely… I would like to though, we should talk about it. peace. I’m glad your blogging.

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