Cityscape Vital (excerpt)


Matthew 5

yet must we remain as chalk silhouette,
the reigns of currency on our shores to set?

a picturesque horizon laid out by mankind
drawn by an omnipresent carpenter named Upwards Divine.
Born on seventh day, before that birthed to frame.
carcassed insecurities in the sake of his name.

held to Light He changed luminescence

though under Light held, canvassed frailties became incandescents.
even the guardsmen announces while the night corridor’s Councilor coincides,
“to all beware, unlock that the Gate of Pride!
for the enemy holds onto the sleeping Silhouette’s stride!”

  1. That picture is rather haunting. Meaning it really grabs you. Where was it taken at?

  2. stephenmcgee said:

    It is in an abandoned building in Detroit called the Farwell. The strings are real and there is another outlined man on the other side of the wall.

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