True Account

Acts 18, Acts 19, Psalm 91:1 and Matthew 4:19

Pounding through is the temptation to average,
accounts of my life in terms of shared salvage.

The calling set out for me in search has surrounded,
eternity and my bed with intentions grounded.

Set out to floor the opportunity of choice,
Is the spirit of truth calling separated by true voice.

“Don’t find your way in, for I will lead”
for a counselor has been sent availing Submission’s creed.

Man’s destination becomes a carefully planned slaughter,
As curatorial sin places wine labels on water.

You un-evangelize my acquitted actions
as I return mail addressed by political factions.

Map, chart or plotted course; my soul’s retrospect,
God let me be caught by a brother’s submersed net!

1 comment
  1. Jihun said:

    steve is that a poem?
    or an excerpt from the message?

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