Confidant Expose

Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Guard your heart with what has been entrusted to you, avoiding irreverent, empty speech and contradictions from the knowledge that falsely bears the name Jesus.

(Please read “Tailgating a Confidant” below before this post)

I think back on the bumper sticker situation and how that can be related to my faith. I recall a lunch meeting I had the same day where three other men sat at the table with me, all in their 20’s. Social workers in Detroit have a great purpose and a good heart justifying their actions and attempts to better. One of them was my friend who I met through other friends. I started on my meal as the other two described their homeless aid program, talking about history and need, development and progress, and at the end attached the phrase “cause for Christ”. I stopped focusing on my chicken ticki masala and looked up excited that I was in the presence of other believers. But the phrase thrown out was not a bold call to arms but almost as a passive accident, hoping to not offend me. Unknowingly to them we had a full court press on the non-Christian friend of mine, a three on one. And the one won. No discussion of Jesus as ungodly fear had set in.

The ball was in my court to tell my testimony and I botched it. Their actions of aid covered over their message of their cause. My cause, which is Christ, was silenced by fear of what my friend would think. We continued talking about the program as I thought to take advantage when the opportune time to share my faith came. Like a pagan, I snuck it in masquerading my clean white plate with the contents of the buffet line. “I too am here to advance the Gospel” I quickly stated in hope. No fire was flamed with that sentence and the discussion was stopped once the non-believer came back to the table.

Our lives as believers become a tailgating session of reading others mentalities, views and opinions to see how we should act. We search for their significance hoping to bestow ours wholly missing the leadership whispered by God. Their lives even stop sometimes, stopping long enough for our light to focus truth on to their untruth. Time is given to tell them why we care they turn. But not taking the time they turn anyways and our path continues home.

  1. Chilly said:

    great thoughts & challenge, steve! thanks!

  2. erinjo said:

    an all too familiar lunchtime conversation.

  3. Netta said:

    Your honesty…wow. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Erin said:

    I need to say these things cause, I love you so,
    And I’m sorry you get angry when I say that, you just don’t know,
    But there’s a Heaven waiting for you and me.
    I know it seems every time we talk I’m only trying to just make you see.
    And it’s only that I care, I really only want just to see you there.
    Please try and overlook my human side,
    I know I’m such a bad example and you know I’m so full of pride.
    But Jesus isn’t like that, now He’s perfect all the way,
    I guess that’s why we need him, cause by ourselves, there’s just no way.
    And it’s only that I care, I really, really only just want to see you there.
    To see you there.
    ~Keith Green

    Thanks for the exhortation… Jess and I have been talking about this too lately…

    There’s a family circle cartoon where Billy ask’s God to “please keep knocking” if he doesn’t answer the first time. I am really identifying with that sentiment right about now.

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