En Route DTW-HCM

9 am Korea time Sunday Morning, 702 pm Detroit Time Sat Night. my flight arrives at 630 pm korea time.
Praise be to God the father, who delivers us from the desires that bring us out of his glory. Praise Him. At 900 last night I was at the end of a 52 dollar taxi ride after completing my first interview with EMW chair of the board Dr. Peter Singer and the thoughts of the orginiation came out in an interview that was 1.07 hours long. For some reason watching the disney movie makes me want to be married. Siting in 42 H I just ate a good steak with some shrimp. the shrimp was in a pasta that had pesto pasta, there was also sa lemon cake, that nobody should write home about.
At 730 this morning I woke up in the home of peter and his wife as they had put me up in their home the night before I left for vietnam. We talked about acts 4:13 and how to test every thought with the will of Christ. Peter and I talked as his wife intergected trying to sell a water system to me from Japan. It was good water but not good enough. I have been perpairing for this trip for the past two weeks. Mostly in the past 6 days, after coming home from the Platypus workshop teaching that for the nine days in houston. Of course I forgot the most important part of the jib there and had to overnight the jib piece to me from houston. I revieved that, the lighting system, the wide angle lens, the tv monitor, the dv tapes and the ideas from God. I am still unaware how he will work in this movie, meaning having the transitions between the projects, at 10 am this morning i still did not have my jib tripod, and I only wanted to bring one tripod over to vietnam. There is not much to say to a korean man who sits next to you who only starts conversations, not adding to. Hmm a disney movie, a struched seat, a pillow, and 9 hours left on the plane, 2 hours left on my cpu. Peter really helped me last night God I think was tell ing me to go to his house, as Robert could not house me because he could not open it for me as he was in colorado. There was not enough time in the my thoughts to complete my schedule for the three days in california beffore my trip to vietnam. I still wear a hat because I am uncomfortable with my hair. Jesus take my life, take all of me, my everything. . . So I was traveling in a taxi after the doctors house, not knowing where I was going to stay that night, leaving it for the Lord’s will to collide with my current location. I left it up to the last minute that is for sure. Well bobby was taking time to look for a place besides his for me to staty as I was driving closer adn closer o his house on Cherokee and hollywood. So that was awesome because once we got there I would not know what to do. So I talked to the ukranian taxi cab driver who was a doctor for the entrire time recording what I could on the message machine of my Iphone. That was fun. He made 80 dollars a month over there as a doctor. so I belong in humility as I was born here in the states. and in the states I belong not as a lucky person, but as alien to this country, here to live not like an american, but as a follower of Christ. Jesus please use me for this movie . I wonder if I am going to be good enough for the equipment I own. So I was dropped off at the Hollywood hotel with the idea I would stop and wait for 30 minutes for bobby’s friend to call and see if he could hae me there. I did not wait so I checked in for 119. 20 minutes later he called and said he was on his way. now I cold not get back my allowance from the hotel so I said yes, becuase I ddi not want to be rude. He picked me up as I checkout out of my hotel. Learning a lesson that I was not supposed to act quickly upon my own instincts of being tired, but to wait for his provission. I c. I am feeling a bit sick, so I think I waill sleep now.

952pm Detroit time 1152 am. Sunday.
I am in the middle of the Bering Sea ,I am half way to Russia. When flying, there is not much to do, when you have 12 hours on a flight, The couple next to me, sit, and talk, Korean, Jeff Corwen talks about Alaska, as Ifly over it. The Korean children next to me that share the isle, build legos intently. In case you were wondering, sea lions have big flippers, Seals have small. After having two movies that I would not have otherwise seen in my lifetime, the 5 hours of flying has gotten to me so I get up to go the red cheap flowered bathroom. I get up and wait, all the flight attendies watch me get to the waiting area. Then it is up to the age old skill of bathroom math. Two lines, 4 asians, 4 bathrooms, and me, I am taller than them, but younger. Suddenly, like a rouge wave, I get pushed, and look down to see a grandmother asian, look up and it appears to me that she scoffed and walked into the bathroom I was about to go into.

Jeff Corwin likes the social behaviors of the lupus. The secret is staying quiet and staying low when walking towards wolves.

I EVery so pften my neighbors crack the window to look at trussia the lights are ofand my eyes break in two as the piercing daylight sound almost seems to psuh the window open. two rows up and over to my left, wathc korean soa operahs. a man and his small baby in pink walk up and down the aisle more than eeryone else. She is wearing pink.

my eyes are tired. I watch everything as I prepare to shoot in vietnam. I don’t know what to do in many of the circumstances that I will be in. My plans have changed as my time in hcmc is now a few days instead of two. i feel like this movie is going to be really good, but I am a bit overwhelemed as I have a lot of footage to capture and also a lot of pieces to fit together, this is truely the entire ty of my life in 5 weeks in terms of what I have learned, and what I will put into practice with my life.

  1. erinjo said:

    be strong and courageous…very courageous!

  2. my thoughts and prayers are with you, bro.
    “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.” Phil. 3:12

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