35 days

picture-20.pngLast day in Vietnam. It is always tomorrow for you when I write at 12pm my time. So tomorrow for you has already been prayed for by me today. Christ will meet you in the morning.

Coming into the will of the Lord is a wonderful thing. Here the trains often derail, so often that it is expected. The male passengers on the train will grab sticks and rocks they have brought to set right the wheels onto the tracks. To them it is not a burden but an occurrence to be prepared for because the destination will not be reached otherwise. So to are we to we equip our lives we have with the word of the Lord so that when seemingly bad situations arise, we are prepared not only to endure, but to not complain as well.

In each society there are the poor, there will always be poor. But to consider yourself poor when poverty rules the lives of those who make less than 300 dollars a year would be to consider the clean water in your taps undrinkable, the car your friend has to drive you as unsuitable, the job or two you work a burden, the electricity you use to power your home not enough to power your village. Commonalities of life are given as society allows, as God allows, and therefore should not be viewed as poor when a wealthy livelyhood is what Jesus tell us to beware of seeking.

One more day in Vietnam and I am seeking and finding. It is important to understand that we find God more often than we think we do. But since we are living in the midst of our society’s commonality, God is often discounted by the cut out coupons in the classified section of our search.

Towards the end of the journey. It has been 35 days of understanding the needs of a country. The struggles and love held without doors in the countryside homes of farmers and fisherman are a counter weight to the immorality of my ungreatfulness in life. I am just beginning to step away from the consistant trusted block of content gathering that has rooted my passion. I am tired but not broken as my spirit renders success through submission.

I have photographed in so many situations that I can not think of a place so dangerous, so beautiful or so normal that I would not want to find myself in. All for the Glory of God.

One more blog to go in the first person and then I will have to recount while in, Seoul, SF and LA.

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  1. Torsonya said:

    Thanks for the reminder.
    God Bless

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