Movie log

Preaching in a wear house.

From the Archive:

Preaching in a wear house Bishop Grivas Musisi of the Prayer Palace Christian Center talks to a packed crowd. Taken August 2005 in Kampala, Uganda.

I just edited for 10 hours and have my movie is going really well. It is almost an hour long and needs to be about 20 minutes. Time to cut back!! Any prayer would be great. Thanks. Through this God is teaching me to lean on him and his creativity for he is the creator so why not?!

Paid for a lunch for homeless guy today but this time instead of just handing it to him, I also asked him if he knew Jesus. He said he did but he didn’t know that Jesus is alive!!! So I told him and he was encouraged. So good.

  1. andrea said:

    That is awesome Mcgeeness!!!

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