As God’s breath flows through the authors who wrote the bible so true and good, so do our lives flow through his grace to find what value means. At the end of the day there is the hope that goes beyond words and resin, beyond systems and rituals, beyond lists and belief. To the depths of our desire we, on our best day in Christ, still fail in understanding what we have in his promise. And that should encourage.

Liberation is found when you step into divine obedience. Why is much importance placed on the inconsequential in our lives. With simple denial our conscience kills orphans, our foreign lands predict rain for the harvest. With reap comes sin’s divorce and again, who kills for someone else? If we kill for anyone besides our self we seek the satisfactory and get caught, displaced and wandering in Satan’s factory.

I wish I could lay down the “I needs” of my life and reason with my spirit.

It is for one reason that we have what we enjoy and enjoy what we have and that is to honor God under God.

A list is held with names written by the same author who ushered home the many that have searched for the more that is. My city destroyed, by faith comes believers hoping in God’s renewal.

How much would you pay for one life? Not bringing this point in the presence of a crucifix, but terms your day and your dollar and believe why we are here. Every man has disciples therefor remember that we are sometimes the lost.

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