1:22 AM A OK

A boy is cleaned a week after life saving heart surgery. Vietnam.

I am 10 hours in to 18 hours of editing my Vietnam video I shot for a non profit group. Pasta, Red Bull and Jesus. The best thing to hold on to is that God will deliver you through what he has called you into. Out on the lake the disciples were doing what Jesus told them which was to go to the other side of the lake. Caught in the middle of the storm they became scared and the story goes on. In the middle of this edit I did not see a way out. In fact I feel quite often that I am not capable of doing what God has called me to. I do not feel like I can edit these 40 hours of footage consisting a documentation of 1000 some odd lives not to mention the nearly 100000 plus lives it could positively impact.  I lose faith and get frustrated when I lose sight of God’s creativity. God is creative? He made you and me, he can help me create this movie too. In the sight of all that their lives had seen, the disciples were scared on the middle of the lake. When Jesus calls us on his path he will not sit at the helm or even stern of his will and yell at a constant beat, “Stroke, stroke, stroke”. If that were the case there would be no need for faith.  But in knowledge of the storm to come, Jesus sent his disciples to the other side knowing that they would get there.  It is in faith that we hear the first command of Jesus to his will and then repeat that command at a constant beat saying, “faith, faith, faith”.

6 more hours of editing and I believe God will deliver me.

Two days ago I felt I had nothing, no clear movie plot in sight. Now, 3 days from when I gave up and trusted God, the end is near. Amazing what God can do in three days.

  1. Amos said:

    He is your source bro, and it is overflowing! So encouraging to hear that you are persevering. 🙂

  2. the other erin said:

    Thanks for sharing this encouraging word!
    We’re praying for you!

  3. erinleigh said:

    “Amazing what God can do in three days.”

    i cannot decide whether the apparent resurrection reference was intentional or not. if it was intentional, i am again impressed with the wordsmithing. if it was not, i am (perhaps) more impressed. amazing, indeed, what God can do.

    see you tonight.

  4. K said:

    I pray that the Light which is within you, would illuminate the Way and Wonder of this film. That in and through you would flow the Love that this world so desperately needs, and the courage to give… through this work, the gift of strength and beauty… do Love.

    God will establish the work of your hands.

  5. Torsonya said:

    I am encouraged and excited by God’s confident trust in our talents even when we do not trust ourselves. He asks us to cross the lake knowing full well that by faith we can get it done. Jesus said that you can do this and so you can!

    See you on the other side

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