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Jesus, can we take on the world together?!! Only then to serve our neighbor. Wow, only to know your plans. 1220 am and 8 more hours of editing. Jesus you are amazing because you chose me. What can’t you do from your throne in heaven? But the awe is that you come down here to make it real, to be our guide. Thank you Jesus for your deliverance. In all.

To you, the strong rock, i will stand firm and quarry your hope. To you the lamp stand, my light will shine brighter as I am held by the post of your grace. For whether post or rock if it is God’s doing success is not a question or an answer, but it is the wittness that not only is Christ still alive today but delivered to us will be our home to come in the Father of heavenly light.

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  1. Torsonya said:

    I agree. When we really acknowledge our inheritance it is just amazing. I fall in love all over again and again.


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