New Trip New York

Day 3 of my most recent NYC trip and things are going great as expected. The expected part is that just as easy as it was to click the “Book Now” button on, is it to trust that God has a plan for me. I got offered a job from Nokia today that is either in Cambodia or Argentina.  Be praying for that. And tomorrow I am going to to talk with the CEO about doing a video series on their organization in 3 countries on 3 continents in 3 weeks.  Here is a brief description, being praying for that too. Lord willing I will be meeting with NY Times tomorrow, Happy Hearts, EandCo, Kontent Reel Films, and a few others. PS, the Argentina Trip might be starting on Friday, as in 5 days from now!!

EandCo Trip…

-Toyola (cook stoves)
-Wilkin (solar lanterns, solar home)
-M38 (LPG)
(big bang, little country)
-SME RE (biogas)
-Anlong Tamei (community based biogas)
(biogas /community interest combo)
-Ledco (hydro)
-Lotus (solar)
(beautiful scenery as back drops, cool looking villages, etc)
-Canaa (hydro)
-E9 (biomass)
-Transsen (solar water heaters)
(variety of technologies, currently have no pictures from Brazil)

  1. the other erin said:


  2. Torsonya said:

    On it !

  3. Chilly said:

    cool opportunities! man, you got A LOT to hear God’s heart about… praying for you – may you have the wisdom to know what doors He’s opening and what doors you should close. thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    strength & honor,

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