Wonderful Clouds

After almost a month and a half of editing, I have come to the conclusion that the May1 deadline for final production was way over ambitious. The new deadline is either May 31 or June 15. I hope it is sooner, depending on how the edit goes.

Though I have been editing for 10 hours today, I looked outside at 1am and saw a low line of clouds close to the dark detroit skyline. It has been raining all day and let up as the night grew on. So scattered here and there by the strong wind going south, the clouds contrasted the night sky as they were lit up by the humanity still exiting the city’s warmth. A beautiful time for a drive. I ran upstairs to the only place I can see the whole skyline (now that my vacant 3500 sq ft neighbors condo is locked) to see if the beauty was more than what my south facing condo revealed. And it was. Switching lenses on the the 8 floor drop I got to my car and drove down water street towards downtown. As I got closer to the lights of the city the clouds were less contrasted. In fact I drove around for 30 minutes, even to my go-to places for a good view, and there was nothing to see that struck my eye to frame a picture. So I drove home. The clouds had taken over and the special part that I had first saw, was the distinction between the sky and the swooping.

Three beeps and my car was locked. “steve” “steve’ a light voice echoed almost in style. I looked. It was my homeless friend who I have given clothing and food from time to time when ever I had seen him or he me. “Steve, I need prayer, my life is in..my brain is elsewhere”. As he walked up my flesh was saying “oh no..I have nothing for you tonight bud” as if in an old friend type of way, but that uglyness did not prevail. Then he said the prayer line and immediatly I was opened to God’s grace. That I thought I could give my friend something better than prayer. Oh the lesson held by the clouds. “Do you have any candles?” Bruce asked. I had forgotten his name again so I asked him. “Bruce, man” he answered as if we were old friends and he was disappointed. Bruce is not a homeless man who begs without understanding. Nor does he beg without need. He didn’t need food and he knows I don’t give money out, so he asked for provisions but not “to be a burden”. Candles. Light. To read. I flipped on my kitchen switch and found the source of intimacy which I call Ikea tea lights but tonight God called love. It is strange how often I forget that the passions I hold for photography and light are the reasons God gives me to be there for others, to think of others, to provide for others. “Give him a backpack too” God pinched. God rained today so that the clouds would be noticed at night. Noticed for their direction and form. Noticed to be photographed. But most of all, noticed to simply have me walk out with love, out of my home to a man less a home.

  1. So true.

    So I have to be honest, I’m a little bummed that you didn’t let me know that you started a new blog! I had to find out from my wife! I miss you bro. thanks for the sharing. I’m looking forward to catching up on your mind.

  2. tomfogarty said:

    Love it. We can’t offer anyone anything better than God’s love!

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