Agents of Change

To sum up yesterday’s experiences, the reason why I love Christ is not built upon what I can ask of him. I saw the members of my church, who themselves are missionaries in this town, led by their pastor but also led by the Spirit, play different roles in the fight yesterday. And the outcome was reconciliation. The human impossible happened when the God possible stepped in. I admit that I was not praying through that fight, I was reacting to what I was seeing but maybe I had prayed or someone for me a day ago or a week ago that God would use me, or us in a way that would stretch my faith. It is amazing to witness the discipleship that my pastor Chilly has with my friends, his disciples. The kids ministers of my church were there talking with the children through it all, the pastor was there praying and consulting, and others were there just to be a love presence, a Christ presence.  All roles that God had led us in played out and we fulfilled them in natural Christ given stride. “That fight was the reason why we are here”, my pastor said and continues, “we are agents of change, we are hope dealers”. It is true, why think that the when God calls and we step out He wont fulfill our role in that call. I know my pastor knows without a shadow of a doubt why we are in Hamtramck. Sometimes I lose the vision of the fellowship of believers i am a part of and then God gracefully uses situations that suck or are confusing for his glory.  It would be interesting to read other accounts of the same situation. Like the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but instead maybe Chilly (my pastor), Stephen, TJ (new assistant youth director) and Brendan (assistant childrens director who has been around since the beginning of this church) . How different would those view points be about the same situation.  Man I love the Gospels. So good. Praise God for his teachings. Praise God for his rock steady readiness that he gives us when war comes our way.

  1. Chilly said:

    My ‘take’ on this MIRACULOUS event are posted… thanks for sharing your thoughts, Stephen. I’m glad we’ll be represented by you at Hart Plaza this weekend – may the Lord be glorified.

    Strength & Honor.

    your pastor & friend,

  2. andrea said:

    He gives us strength for war and skill for battle! Thank you Jesus.

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