Day 1

The shirt is backwards in this pic…

Yeah, I couldn’t really come up with a crafty title tonight. So there it is. Day 1. Am I really in Honduras? It was fun waking up yesterday morning knowing I had to be in Latin America in less than 24 hours and knowing I was not going to sleep until now, 48 hours later. I am spent. I can reassure you that Honduras is well covered in prayer and God work. There were 2 20plus person missionary teams on my plane ride down here. There were also countless single Christians too coming for evangelism. Some for a one week stay, others for years. I heard of accounts of healings and large amounts of souls won. Christ is moving all over the world and it is awesome to be a part of it.

To come to think of it, to say, “Christ is moving in Honduras” is not only an obvious statement but it implies that this movement is separate from other movements when we all know that Christ is one. “Christ is moving in Honduras” makes me think of Christ in the world today as a physical body and only the hand is waving and other parts of him aren’t moving. Christ moving is Christ moving. Nothing less. To separate ourselves in conversation is to separate ourselves in though.

Day 1 and no photographs taken. In fact the whole day I was thinking of this sunset I saw while playing basketball. It is still affecting me more than other recent memories can boast. In fact I can say that is the peak moment of inner amazingness feelings of this year. I was awestruck. And playing basketball with no camera. I saw the photograph of the day, of my year, roll down the tracks and out of sight, out of the sun. Wow. I wish I shot that. Then after this moment of wowness, the sky caught on fire light I never have seen before. I am getting all crazy just thinking of it right now. God is cool.

A lame post yes, but I am tired and can not get into words right now. I am trying to post everyday for the next two weeks.

I think God taught me today that his body is one and there are tons of people working for the advancement of the kingdom and not one of them are insignificant.

  1. Chilly said:

    our imagination is the best museum – I’ve enjoyed the images you spoke of…

    … enjoying the world-wide movement of our Lord

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