Day2 Jesus per Presidente

In my luxury hotel in San Pedro, Honduras, one day away from poverty but happiness, I can see the city starting for the day. I was on my way to my luxury breakfast son gratis. Morning devotions asked questions like why I had abandoned the gospel so quickly and was I preaching the one true Gospel. The elevator view to provoke some Thoughts huh? San Pedro is run by gangs and the president is running the country benefiting the rich and his favorites. People are angry and more abductions of prominent members and nobodies alike are becoming the local conversations in the morning. “You know who was abducted?” and the conversations goes on. Not really going after tourists yet. After reading and breakfast, I waited until 10 and got picked up by Sara, a girl whose father runs the hydro electric dam in La Esperanza. I was expecting a Honduran driver/translator/girl but instead got a Canadian who is tired of religion and missionaries and forced cultural behaviors. Driving 4 hours with her I start seeing Jesus for President markings on rock formations along the roadside. I didn’t ask any questions about the countless markings as I thought about how cool it was people really liked proclaiming their faith and stating who the King of kings was. 2 Hours into it I asked. “Yeah Jesus was running for President a few years ago, and didn’t win.” she said. The figurative became the literal. This candidate’s campaign strategy was to spray paint his name on a bunch of rocks along the main high way. Jesus covered the rock to win the minds of the people only to lose because the paint wouldn’t go away. My mind was blown when I started thinking about how that could be applied to not only my reflection of Jesus to those passing by, but oh so much more.

Great lunch over a lake consisted of frijoles, salada, steak and plantains for 4 dollars. Soo good. I love food. But where was my cappuccino!! Those who know me know that I look for the cafe of the day each day when I travel. Oddly enough I did not pack socks on this 2 week trip. So a mission was to buy some and low and behold a cafe was right next to the sock store.

“Espresso Americano” had about a good 7.4 out of 10 on the Scaluccino (cappuccino scale) I just now created. Foam-8 out of 10, Size-6 out of 10 (too big). Hot-A bit burnt. Espresso-8 out of 10. Docked points-Only Styrofoam cups.

Got to the town of La Esperanza and it started to rain and lightning and horses.

Fake spanish goes far for some reason. An actual sentence from a Canadian to an employee. “Ernesto, take a me stuff, anda youa take my caro to fixo the motoro. ” This guy has been working in Honduras for 8 years and that is the spanish he speaks.

  1. Absolutely loving following along! Glad you found coffee! No socks! Great photo!

  2. Chilly said:

    I need (want) some coffee right now! Socks or no socks, you’re living a dream… press on!

  3. Amos said:

    So good to hear about life there. It somewhat reminds me of Rome right now (minus the abductions). Yes, scualuccino!

  4. the other erin said:

    I love hearing/reading about differant cultural experiences… thanks for sharing! The gang is going to a “Jesus for President” rally tonight by the way. Very interesting.

    also, we’re praying for you.

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