Where’s Walteve?

In the ongoing boredom that comes with a pastel hotel room my mind has yet come up with another genius idea…I will hold competitions that will become classics instantly while I am gone in other countries. Games like this one, “Where’s Walteve” which is the rouge category so be ready. Also to come, “Name the Compound” and “What Is Actually” and others like, “What is this guys’ name”. All will be photo driven. Expect the first one related to this trip to come out tomorrow.

Winners within 1 day of getting the correct answer will be awarded 5 points and the points will degrade by one each day after the posting. This string of games will be known as Honsalvana in the Highest (Hon El Sal and Ghana combined) (this will most likely change due to greater kingdom rules).  Expect up to 15 games. The Top three will Get secret gifts acquired from around the world.***

Stephen McGee is in a picture in this link…find him and win.


Can you find me in this picture…hint. I am clapping my hands….what color pants and shirt am i wearing.

***no purchase nes. but bribes welcomed. Weazing may occur but don’t worry just keep looking at the pritty pics. Not all gifts will be made by children in developing countries. not all gifts will be suitable for intelligent use. Games may have multi-typed smart questions that will need research. There will be a lightning round. Yes. Sleeping in my condo does not get you points unless you leave it stock full of pasta sauce. Praying helps but warn me first. I am the judge and the jury so no complaining. no looking at other peoples answers. no crickett or other types of british or canadian activities will be allowed during these games.  If you see one of my prints you win. Bible versus included in answers will be subject to bonus points. The final count for this will be announced as of July 18. Winners must fly to my condo and parachute onto the roof. Ok. maybe not parachute. But the must be present for award ceremony in Late August. AWARDS WILL BE WORTH ALL THE PAIN!!!

  1. andrew said:

    light blue shirt, tan pants.

    buona fortuna, buon ragazzo

  2. postmodwarrior said:

    I see you in the picture and you’re wearing khaki pants and a light blue shirt.

  3. Torsonya said:

    You are wearing a light blue shirt
    Khaki brown pants and brown shoes
    That one was kind of tough!

    Stay Safe

  4. Vanessa said:

    You are in front of the women that is frantically cheering with both arms in the air…wearing a blue collared button-up & khakis.

    “I looked for you and I found you!” Proverbs 7:15b

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