Nothing is working out

So this week I came back from El Salvador alive but very sick. Stomach flew. No bueno.

Monday.,.I need to leave for Ghana on Saturday and I was supposed to get my passport in on monday to get my visa for Ghana because it takes 3 days and Friday is a holiday. So I went up to 16 mile to get the visa application but forgot my passport and didn’t have enough time to go back and get it and bring it up again.

Tuesday…Tried to call Ghana embassy to get info on if it is possible to get my visa in 2 days if I send it to my dad and they are closed for Ghana Independence day.  I then go to the hospital at 6pm to get a yellow fever vaccine needing to get all. 60 dollars for a consultation that has nothing to do with anything and then I waited for an hour to hear “We don’t have any yellow fever vaccine”.  I rush to Fed Ex angry at Detroit for being the closest thing to a developing country and overnight all my papers and passport to my dad in Washington DC. without the needed yellow fever vaccine paper.

Wed…My dad walks the passport into the Ghana Embassy in Washington DC and is awesome. But the itinerary is not given to them and I could not get through to find a number to fax the info to. All this while finishing my two trips video and photography and my vietnam video and photography.

thurs…Lord willing He will put my visa through since I already have my ticket from Detroit-Ghana-Sweden-Rome-London-Detroit ticket set to take place on Sat.

I need more God.

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