Sweden, wow.

under a double rainbow after an amazing day in Gotland.

Praise God for he is Good. Always. You get to understand the depth of a gift when the giver needs to be addressed during the urgent humble circumstance of a small crises. I was almost not allowed out of Ghana to Sweden because the gate had closed 1.5 hours before the flight. I have a ton of things to wrap up before my family comes in tomorrow to Linkcoping, Sweden. But I wanted to say that God has been merciful to me and I am now in Sweden. I had one of the best days of my life yesterday suprising my brother with not only me in his country earlier than expected, but also with a gift of renting an airplane to go to an island called Gotland with his wife to be and best friend ( who is a pilot). Now I am wrapping up the photography from my past months abroad and trying to hack my iphone so it works in other countries.

  1. Mikayla said:

    Me Daddy made the iphone work outside the US of the A. You can too 😉

    Always is a gorgeous word.

    I’m so happy you are there with your family.

    What a wonderful season!

  2. Mikayla said:

    Second not: and where to put this. I LOVE THE BANNER PHOTOGRAPH right now.
    It makes me stare long.

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