Last post from Sweden.

I am leaving for Rome from Sweden right now. My brother is in France on the coast on his honeymoon. The slightest hint of red seeps from the farm houses we pass by on this bus as the sun rises 4 am Tuesday morning. It takes about 3 hours for the sun to rise here. It starts deep purple, and then hit the lower higher clouds with a violent pink whip and thus the highway and the surroundings are illuminated in a warm coat. I am on a bus. I feel and think about how I feel. What I am feeling. I can write for hours about the way my life looks and the looks  that my life mirrors. But i don’t really talk about what am I expecting or feeling. Some will remember this as the best 7 days of my life. We drive the next 2 hours to skafska airport in sweden as the light grows stronger from the sun. Street lamps yet to turn off. A photo is snapped of the sunrise, about to be taken back to korea. My mom an dad right now are on their way to sto for a trip back to dc. In love maybe more than when they got on the plane trip.

Every morning for the past week a woman who slept for two hours last night sets the table for the guests decorating it with cheese and salami, coffee and yougurt. After that her shadow will be seen in repitition casted upon white and yellow laced sheets being lightly placed on the morning lit clothes line. One by  one the sheets witll be placed, one of the most beautiful things to watch. Dobuled tied between the end of a 1700’s style swedish home and a old tree behind the breakfast table located on the lwan. The sheets profile her.

My brother will wake up as a man, ready to take his wife to france. my sister will wake up in califonrina, ready for her son , a bit tired from her trip by ready to serbe the lord and her husband.  my older brother will be ready for a new york state of mind and his wife will be thinking of when she last thought of how a baby would feel in side her stomach, now realizing it is for real.
Believe we are a feamily.

It is most rimportnat thing to do.

You ask, again, , And I answer. again. I am now past the faise that I don’t want to leave sweden and I am now anticipating rome. Countless bikes line up for their owners atto come from the train station. as people que for the bus I am on. 33 mintues after we left. What is importnat and what is eternal. What is important and what is from the world. from the world and amazing to remember.

Chris, you are very much

morning view from bus. "nothing special" scenes make room for great imagination.

morning view from bus. "nothing special" scenes make room for great imagination.

my pride and joy.

Rome, Here I come.

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  1. Mikayla said:

    Go to a payphone on some street corner in Rome and tell me the number and I will not-so-randomly call and chat over the views.

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