Most Beautiful Place to Everything

World meet Cefalu. I can’t believe I had the time of my life over the past 1.5 months in 5 different countries and 3 different continents. Continental breakfasts and peacocks, hydro dams and gelato, swedish castles and family. Life is holding on. I am in love. A world opens of imagination when I play with my nephew 1000 miles away from sanity and 2000 more away from the rest. As bubbles blow past our faces the sea of infinity opens with the hands of the little man related to me. 3 years old. It is amazing how God fixes us and prepares us, gives us rest and places us with so much love in his hands. We are worth so much to him. So now that I am here in Cefalu and in peace, i can see the end of my trip approaching like this upcoming wave about to hit the shore infront of me while I dine with the stars and rocks around me. Here I am and I take my time. Forgetting which song is playing I tip mine on these islands of wood above sharp stones. I am in love with someone I don’t even know and if God has me meet her I will consider myself blessed. If I never meet her then I will continue to dine by myself in the most beautiful places in the world and the empty place setting for this constant table for two will remind me that no matter if I am hungry or full, God always guides me home.   The stones I am above and the ancient city behind me, the couple in love next to me and the group in front of me, the beach the bronzed my skin and the yellow umbrellas reminding me of my mother, all has brought a message home to me. In the place where all the Sicilians go to vacation I am sitting alone. When will we have the willingness to let Sacrifice sit at our table and dine without us inviting Consequence too. London. then Detroit.

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