A few of you have asked me to write.

An image that corrupted before I could download it tells the story of a kiss in a train station and it's surroundings.

An image that corrupted before I could download it tells the story of a kiss in a train station and it's surroundings.

Closing an amazing service 32 miles north of Detroit, the call came for those who had sin in their life to come forward and repent. I hesitated and closed my eyes with a breath to contemplate. Opening them I found my pew neighbor on my left had gone up to the front. Encouraged by his faith and humility I approached the alter and raised my hands.

When I close my eyse to pray during the times I am alone, i have to disregard all of the static noise that my mind comes up with to hinder my thoughts to distract. All of those distractions are exactly what I want to write about now. I wish I could write more. If I felt more up to it I would write about the art space I looked at today, the men scrapping the buildings left vacant as they threw out refrigerators out of the 12th story window, I would write about visiting Chicago last week, my amazing friend Amos, what it is like having an employee for the first time, leadership, my grandma, finishing movies, having absolutly no idea where to go next in my life, having no jobs on the horizon, not going to the Emmys again even though I was nominated for another one. I would want to discuss who I think I am and who I think God thinks I am at this stage in my life. I would talk more about my travels, about Sicily. I would want to write about my thoughts on my next project which is about a documentary on Detroit. I would talk about Joshua and Saul. I would talk about receiving God’s anointing. About my friend who just lost her father to cancer. I would talk about how I have received emails from believers encouraged by my faith as well as believers who I don’t even know needed God’s direction in their life. I would talk about biking in Detroit, strange things about me like craving apples if I wake up in the middle of the night and then also my Dad ( who is so cool). I would talk about my sister and how she is awesome and about her son, Calub, who is the most constant joy in my life. Thank you God for him. I would want to address me and my life, about how the 7 countries this year changed me. I would want to try and find patterns in my faith and see how those patterns in discipline affected my everything. I also want to write a book.

Basically, to all who expressed interest in my life, wanting me to write more, I am sorry, I haven’t been in the mood. That is no excuse. I will try tomorrow morning.

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  1. Torsonya said:

    So much life in 26 years…
    The best tales flow in there own time.
    Yea, by thee I can crush a troop,
    and by my God I can leap over a wall. 2 Sam.22:30
    I am so in love with this verse right now, it’s stuck in my head.

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