11 to come from 7 years

Many will say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I do not disagree. Many will say that Dog is man’s best friend. I do not disagree. Many will say that the fridge is what an empty void a man can look into and not find what he searches for while it is right in front of him. I do not disagree. Many will say many things. And I do not disagree with most of those. This brings up a very important part of my life; my fridge, my friends and my heart. As I currently sit, I do not have much in my fridge. Just a few condiments for cooking Italian food located sporadically through the organizers, bins, shelves and dividers. Occasionally, on days when I feel bold or extra ordinary, I will go to the local markets and purchase the best of what they have and welcome those condiments into my life, securely placing each in their labeled organizer, bin and shelf. Hidden on the top row of the door, however, is the mini garage door of goodness. Able to be flipped up and down but when down, securing the patrons of its abode at a cool 10 degrees less than the outside. Being a digital photographer I no longer need to stock my fridge full with film (keeping it cold for longevity reasons). This garage is reserved for the rolls of 35mm that I have acquired over the 7 years I have been a photographer that have not been processed for some reason or another. As of this morning there were 11. 11rollsx36exposures/roll=a lot of photos of which I can not remember the content.  This being labor day, I wanted to take these rolls to the local film professionals (unfortunately CVS these days) to get them processed. And now I have all 11 rolls in front of me ready to spark a memory or two the way that only a photograph can do. In this study, I will write my initial reactions to these 11 rolls and site examples after I scan them into my computer. I am sure to find some photos of my only ex-girlfriend (whom I still pray for often). I dropped off the rolls of film at the CVS next to my house and picked them up after one game of frisbee golf, labor day bbq, one game of Texas Hold Em, two root beer floats and a bike ride home across town. All of that took about 5 hours. I now hold the single red envelope containing the 11 rolls of processed film and I would very much like to unravel each roll and view the photographs that have been patiently waiting this day. I will not though. I will open one at a time and reflect. This will be interesting….Ciao for now.

  1. Netta said:

    Steve… it’s so good to have you back in the D for a while.
    How fun to develop all that film… I’m interested
    to know what God reveals to you & teaches you through it.
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Torsonya said:

    11*36=???? (counting on fingers;)
    Yaay us!

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