Kwame Guilty: Walks out with his head high

From Austin Black’s ( monthly email..

Copyrighted Photographs by Stephen McGee

September 4, 2008 will forever be known as a historic day in Detroit’s political landscape.  The youngest mayor in the city’s history resigned from office after an 8-month scandal that rocked city government and led the headlines daily. Although it seems the debacle is coming to an end, this is by no means is a time for celebration.

Mayor Kilpatrick was the youngest mayor elected in the city’s history in 2001. When he entered office, he promised “revolutionary” changes to the city. Some of the Mayor’s accomplishments include the RiverWalk, the Westin Book Cadillac hotel and condominiums, new residential developments throughout the city and property tax relief for Detroit’s neighborhoods.

As a Detroit resident and advocate of the city’s revitalization, I supported the Mayor’s vision and recognized his accomplishments. At the same time the events that have unfolded this year have been a major distraction and damaging to the city. Closure is necessary for us as a city, region and state to move forward.

Mayor Kilpatrick cannot blame anyone but himself for the situation he is in today.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mayor Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty, their families and the city of Detroit.

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