Pray for this City

I am such in the presence of God right now I could praise him for hours straight. I wish I had more energy to tell you all everything that has happened over the past few days that has increased my faith, drawing me nearer to God. Tonight Amos, a great friend, spoke at his church so I went to support him and to hear what he had to say. He talk about Abraham and Isaac and how in that test of Abraham’s faith, God wanted Abraham’s obedience and he wanted Abraham’s heart. Isaac was the answer to God’s promise in him and Abraham knew God was faithful. Oh there is so much more to that and to what Amos talked about.

This is my week of fasting so I am on a super study session with where God wants me and who I am in him.

I have heard from two people that they had friends who talked about the clensing of this city. And both said it needed to get worse before it got better. One said that the city’s officials needed to be clensed and well, tomorrow morning at 9am, Kwame will pleade guilty to what he has been charged with. After that he will have to step down. God is moving but oh man we need to pray that he doesn’t turn his back on this city. Can he even do that when there are believers here?

Praise Him. Change.

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