Sending out Resumes

So I just sent out resumes for jobs ranging from documentary film making for Christian organizations to being an extra on a film, to acting as a lead with a car from the 80s to helping out on an upcoming music video. I think I sent out over 20 resumes (thank you craigs list) in the past 15 minutes. Not sure what to think about it all, but hey, God knows where I am headed. So if you could be praying for this that would be great. Thanks!


  1. Praying. And also looking for a job. That gig with the car… sounds like Night Rider!?

  2. Torsonya said:

    Steve is ready for his next assignment. Please guide his search and keep your hand of grace and favor on it.
    Fill Steve’s eyes with Your vision and purposes for each day as they come.
    Set his feet on Your paths made straight and smooth, I almost said as glass but Father I think that would be kind of slippery:)
    Bless the work of his hands father.
    We love you. We adore you. We thank you.

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