So there is a cat in my house

how did this happen. I was a single man minding my own biz. And now I cook, and there is a cat looking at me, I eat, and there is a cat looking at me, i step out of the shower and there is a cat. Can you guess how many fleas I took off of it with my friend Steve Gange(not at my house…sorry brooke)? To all members of Real Church who have held a white kitten with blue eyes…..This cat had more fleas than Abraham has descendents.

check yourself foo.

ps. Check out my moms blog. She is way cool. It is in my blog post.

  1. Torsonya said:

    I got rid of my kids cat because she wasn’t fixed and kept breaking out and bringing those nasty things back.
    Then she had a baby in the corner of their room.
    She’d rip me a new one every time I tried to dip her and I dipped the poor baby so many times I thought I was going to poison it.
    Get it fixed!!
    They get so horrible and funky in season if you don’t.
    Your moms blog is awesome. See where you get it..

  2. Truly a beautiful baby kitty. I want to see her soonest, never mind you, you can fly off to Manhattan for the E’s while I fly to Detroit to cat-sit 😉

    I loved the video and I love the Pilot. Did her name stay because I don’t think you said her name here.

    Yes, here I state: I’m in Love with her.

  3. i never really saw you as a cat guy…more of like a big dog…

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