Determined and Detour Minded.

Praise God with my brothers and sisters.

Sunday night and I am willing to say that God has a great plan for each of us. This week he will show me something new that he has never before and I believe the same with you. I had travel to New York paying for an event that is popular for the world but I will be there to seek the Lord’s plan in my life.  Jude 1:16 talks of acts of people that I will not partake in, even though that is how I used to walk.  I woke up at 3:18 this morning and now it is 9:19pm. I walked around New York City today as I have the past 12 times, unsure of what is ahead but certain I am there for a reason. I truely believe that God uses New York in my life to teach me in a way only he could with a city.

I have been in the Peters, later Johns and Jude during these past few weeks. Determined to find God’s next step in my life I rested in him finally and determined that it is not my own step that I can call myself into but my own step I must take after listening to his provision. All with The Strength. If it is not from The Strength than it is merely effort which fades away when perseverence forgets it’s reason.

The sun reflects off of the unattractive parking garage, through 3 pained french windows in my home in the most attractvie way before it sets. Imagining other buildings and cathedrals in Detroit with the same light makes me anxious to exit and photograph the something that is only possible in photography as I sit logging hours color toning 311 videos clips that make up my Vietnam project. After nearly 100 hours on my computer in under 14 days, I was up a few nights ago around 1:12am, finishing my Vietnam project to a point where it made sense to stop. I have had to move my workplace where my computer sits connected by the birthing cables of terabite hard drives and power supplies and now the mother ship of media has rested in my living room for the past two weeks.

In the 10 minutes following that 1:12am 24 gun shots went off. From my balcony I watched the last 15 of them. Nothing was hit, nobody was injured and nobody from the club said they saw anything. The details of slander that followed with the remaining hours of morning and then day yielded a cause in me that quantified a simple message I was preaching to some friends not 2 days before after reading Jude 9. I realized after reflecting over my reaction to the gun battle I whitnessed that when I talk about the American church and the things that I see wrong with it, I talk about myself too. Not even Michael the archangle (the created being that never doubts the existance of God or His power and so on) would bring an abusive condemnation on the devil, but merely said, ” The Lord Rebuke you.”

Friends, let God be God, let him be the one. Walk in love no matter what. No slander. No slander amongst friends or church or state. Walk in love (which is to walk in Christ, which grafts, uncontrolled by man, his teachings and obedience into our life).

Pray for my time with Robert Clark and National Geographic Monday morning at 9:30am. Pray for my time for Clay Patrick McBride and our lunch at 130pm Monday. Pray for my time with Brian Kaufman. Pray for my time at the Emmy’s. Don’t pray for my victory but for my vision. Amen, and continue.

  1. chilly said:

    “walk in love”… indeed. great Word.

    I’ll be praying for your strategic meetings – may you peer through Christ’s lenses to see what is hidden to most – for there lies the treasure.

    Pray also for me and our team the next 3 days as we get away to pray, dream, plan & play. Something big is on the horizon…


  2. Torsonya said:


  3. erin said:

    praying for you steve. can’t wait to hear what happens.

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