My year has needed the last book in the Bible; Revelations. God revealed much to me in the past few days. If you realize who I am you will realize you will never need to ask for money again.  He has not taught us to save, but to give. Holy is what I give, He states. Praise God for those in the Fifth Seal. I met a woman who wrote scripture on the souls of her shoe as a reminder that with the word of God, you literally walk on the Lord’s word. “The world convinces that things in it are theirs but everything is under my control”, God told me. When the anointing recognizes the anointed nothing else competes for time. Phil 4:19 I pray that God will bless me with his voice and allow his light to shine through me. I have received everything in full, but not only that but I am fully equipped in Christ. These days, if he does not put us in the situations we want to run from, he does not have an opportunity to show us who he is. In this world You have got to pick a side, one or the other. The devil talks all the time and I notice that when from when I wake up to when I go to sleep, and the times inbetween he is mentioning things to me.  One way to fight it is to stream the rivers of living water. Fight back so he does not chip away at your faith.

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