Praise God, in NYC

Aircraft carrier leaves from NYC

Aircraft carrier leaves from NYC

Pray for my friend Robert Clark and his wife Lai Ling.

Praise God, got through security, all my bags arrived and now am overlooking NYC again after only one week being back home.

Pray for James Nachtwey and me doing a story on him tomorrow for his global opening of a photo story in 25 countries, will find out about that tonight.

Pray for a possible advertising job i might be able to work on for a diamond company in December (within 10 minutes of me sitting down in this studio that job offer was presented).

Pray for my week with the Agent Orange victims.


  1. Wait… YOUR doing the video on him for the TED prize?!!!! THAT’s AWESOME MAN!!!! I can’t wait to hear more about it. Hope all is well brother.

  2. chilly said:

    I continue to be excited about the ‘God-opportunities’ that keep opening before you. Remain humble & holy – so that your vision may be precise and your steps pure…

    praying & smiling (in Detroit),

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