so, yeah, God is )infinite(

Yeah, not sure what to think anymore, God is doing mind boggling. things. Just like a fall leaf falls without anyone questioning it’s motives so this statement was thrown passively to me by Robert Clark, “Stephen, the director of photography of National Geographic wants you to speak about multimedia at a workshop for invited photographers only.”That was only a few hours ago.

I jumped backwards without moving. What. “Oh (said in a questioned slight startled tone), (slight pause) yeah (kind of squeaky/confident tone)”.  I said that like a high school quarterback getting complimented for his game by a college girl.

So prayer; Diamonds Add for a Switzerland company in December inwhich I would be editing for 5 days on sight as an add is shot like they did for the scenes in the Matrix ie lots of cameras in a circle.

So prayer; National Geo speech for Photographers

Totally separate prayer with separate people involve; National Geo video shoots for their web site.

New York aka my place i go to for God to give me assignments. Keeping The D as my Ephasus. “I will remain in Ephasus” says Timothy. Well I will remain in Detroit.

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  1. chilly said:

    We ‘Ephesians’ are happy that the “D” remains your home! This is exciting! I’m determined to come along and carry your bags on one of your upcoming cross-cultural excursions in ’09!

    Livin’ the mission in Ephesus,

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