Canon 5d Mark II Test; “REVIEW” is to Air Monday

See how the 5d Mark II performs in the “Run and Gun” of visual journalism. I set out to see if I would like the Canon 5d Mark II for the type of visual journalism I produce which mostly consists of quick photo/video turn arounds as well as in depth 30 minute docs.

In an entertaining Bourne Supremacy/Reverie-style video with a journalistic approach, I take to the streets in the city of Chicago for 3 hours at night and 4 hours during the day.  My main goal was to see how it would hold up under the conditions (ie; lighting, weather, walking, no budget and limited gear/time, ) I normally shoot HDV video in the newspaper/documentary environement.

I will post 2 videos; 1 will show the fancy edit with soundtrack and 1 will be very similar with only the natural sound accompaning the imagery from the hot shoe mounted Senn MKE 400.

Having never touched the camera before, see on Monday how the Canon 5d Mark II holds up from the darks of night to the never happy midday sun, from early morning hues to the timelapsed blues (had to rhyme).

I will talk about my edit and how I wanted to see how the pixels from the Mark II would hold up in Final Cut Pro when pushed to the limits in post production; timelapsed at 1500% and 2000%, slowed down to 25% and blown up to 400%.

Why should you care what I think of this camera? Because I am like you in the pursuit of producing the highest quality journalism I can.

As for the name of this blog, I am just that, a believer who pursues his faith which happends to be most of the time while in flip flops.

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