It’s been awhile

but passion sometimes needs the dam of time before it builds enough backing to take into action what was only thought about.

Unfortunately for my readers and fortunately for me, here are a few lessons and questions I have been confronted with on my travels across America these past weeks.


Churchill said, “you can count on Americans to do the right thing once they have exhausted all other alternatives”.

How do present day Christians compare, how do I compare to that.

Christians/I will exhaust every way they/I can to ask and relate to said person posing the question/statement as informally as we can. “You know what I mean” is how I try to make what I say understood.  When I offer my testimony much of the time I offer Christ in a way that doesn’t offend me, that doesn’t make me have to stand firm in what I believe in. The “I want to get you to agree with me, without me doing the careful work of saying what I intend to say” way.

Education without practical application becomes only knowledge and not wisdom. God tells us that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial, but in a similar context everything that God permits is beneficial. So when you pray for the negative in your life understand that the negative in life is only lost and considered “a learning experience” or “something to get through” when we forget that God permits. There is no other reason.
In a personal search to ask myself questions about my faith I wonder, are denominations a flat front against the war on sin, like a swooping hand across a toy soldier field, or are they like a bunch of needles intending to pierce but instead allowing those who stray to fall between the cracks?

In rejoicing, the person I have to relate my life against is my own. The value of your life is not to be compared or measured by what others are or aren’t doing.

News Hour with Mr. McGee, New York

The News Hour with Mr. McGee, New York, Two Camera, two light shoot.

Nathan packs his bags after the shoot.

Nathan Cremisino puts away his gear after a good two days of shooting with me.

From the Video Archive:

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  1. SM,

    Very true indeed, that last line is worth remembering. Your thoughts are much more profound than mine though I’m not comparing! 🙂 You are one of the few who travel more than me…maybe Mimi too though…I hope you are refreshed. Thanks for your words of wisdom that encourage and ring true.

    You are keepin’ it REAL, indeed!

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