Certain in Uncertain Times

Numerous times Jesus walked around the villages and towns where he lived telling people God loved them. Some had heard he could heal sickness and disease so crowds often followed Jesus to see what he would do or could do. There was one guy who came up to him and said , “Lord if you are willing, heal me”. And Jesus did. Another time a guard came up to Jesus and said, “Lord can you heal my friend?” Jesus wanted to go and see his friend but then the gaurd said, “Just simply say the word and my friend can be healed”. Jesus was amazed and responded, “I have not found such a faith like this”. And the guard’s friend was healed. When Jesus would heal people it was not to show off or to make people believe, it was to show the power of his father, the power of God, and to show that God had control over all things. I often think why it seems that God doesn’t work like that today, why he doesn’t heal so as many people here in the USA. But when I think of how much we here in America need to see in order to believe, maybe it is to our advantage. In this society we don’t really need a physical God, we need an emotional God. Most of us can provide on our own but our emotions flex up and down a lot due to the cercumstances around us. If seeing was believing then is not seeing not believing? Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain what we do not see. Whether I see God working or not, God is working. Sometimes we are looking in the wrong direction, like if we wore glasses and forgot to put them on in the morning.  In our routines we are in we could go through the day stumbling around, just making it by. But with the glasses of God on (not actual glasses of course) we have the knowledget that there is a great purpose for everything that goes on in our lives.

If the economy fails, God is there for us. If the economy succeeds, God is there for us.

  1. Between The Lines said:

    Good post, I enjoyed reading it and like your explanation. A lot of good points in there. I know that I believe but I want to be more certain than I am. This was motivating, so thank you.

  2. andrew said:

    yeah. This is right on. I must stick my head above this normal way of thinking. God is at work!


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