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When you speak the words of Jesus it is because he is alive. I have never seen more clearly. I understand where I have been saved from. I know I am in and I want to be going where there is life and life in abundance. Detroit doesn’t need the auto industry to save us. Detroiters need God and with God the city will be saved.

I want to hold a gathering in the park across the street from Tigers Stadium.

I am not ready for this and do not have the words to say. Victory is not for the taking but for the sharing, the encouraging, the loving and the humble.

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  1. Francy Zagar said:

    I want this city to be saved- yet I’m one of the many standing in the way with my desires prevailing over God’s.
    Great thing is that He’s way huger than my desires! (huger just seemed to fit best 😉

    Victory is for the humble.
    Thanks for sharing.

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