Opening Poem for my Italian Movie

I am currently writing my naration for a 20 minute movie I shot in italy. the scenes are dreamy/dramatic black and white films of italy in the spring. If you read this, please tell me your thoughts.

opening lines set to visuals…
It is not my point for you to understand.
Our life finds;
tongues in trees
books in the running brooks
sermons in the stones
and good in everything.
In our life we will find vigour
and victory and depression and defeat.
Exempt from a public hunt After breath is gone
did four loves breath us or we spend them?
eros, insecurities reveal the tops of dreams
philia, run high over streams
Storge, with bridges over our shadows
Agape, our hope in today visits yesterdays gallows.
When love finally resurrects, even the poet dies.

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