What can you buy with $90.

In an offering during a service a few years ago the widow in the front row who lost her husband at war gave a few coins which was all that she had in faith that God would supply for her.  The rich man sitting behind her gave a lot more but it was out of his surplus. In a different country a younger brother was sold into slavery by his older brothers and forgave them many years later when they came to ask him for help.  He had become a king. A few years after that a story was told to teach about love. There was a father that began a celebration for his son who left home with his inheritance and spent it all living a loose lifestyle. When the son woke up one day in a pig pen, he decided to go home. From a distance, way before when he could hold him, the father saw the son and began the celebration.

A human. That is what you can buy. It only costs 90 dollars to purchase a trafficked child from overseas. Don’t complain about anything but be thankful for where you are.

I just got out of a class on human trafficking. In a hotel room 15 people sat and learned. Change is not about the media making stories important, Change is about the individual public taking a vision and doing something different with the knowledge they chose not to forget.

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  1. Sarah said:

    Wow, 90 bucks, you’d think it’d be higher.

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