When the elevator doors opened up the three walls brought a sort of comfort no other elevator has ever given me in my history of travel. A photo of a lifesize coat rack on the left. A window view of some trees in the middle. And a flower pot with some red flowers on the right. The 13 floor is now where I sit with an exquisite view of post communist architecture glowing with a post communist sunset. The morning started with me opening my eyes and realizien g I was late to go to t ameeting with a man who does a lot of work with trafficking. He lord willing was going to open up doors of vision for this documentary. I was without a strong sense of direction up until now.
I jumped on a bus after eating at TGI fridays and headed to meet with Sergey and Egenia. That meeting went great and i bought them pizza. the greatest part was when they asked me, Why did you come out here (2 hours by bus). I said, To show you Gods love by buying you pizza.
i am a man of my word. i told them. so much more happened that I wont talk about right now.

much love.

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  1. That is awesome. Praise God. I am praying for you, man!

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