Without caring parents, social services delivers Sergey to his new home.

Without caring parents, social services delivers Sergey to his new home.

When God delivers us, the benifit is often not for ourselves or even our generation. Like Moses freeing his people, in the joy you have, think past yourself to others who will benifit too.

We have so much in common with orphans when it comes to our relationship with God. 830 in the Morning happend quickly. The two hour ride out to Vasilkof orphanage was cut down to 45 minutes in the YWAM van. I focused photo/video on the Sergey and a few other boys. I couldn’t find Vova until he came up to me after the ceremony. I only met him yesterday and he had a hat on. Today everyone looked amazing. Vova had a great suit on. There was a few speeches, there was a man behind the curtain playing the accordion. could have sworn he was a recording until he stepped out from behind a curtain. One woman sang a few songs kareoke style with some dancers and then an old dude sang a few more ending his traditional song set with a techno song, that he sang to. There were lots of flowers and lots of women in the audience. I have a few pics of vova i think. I didn’t find Bob.

Social services came immediately after the graduation to take sergey away since his father did not come. in an interview sergey said his father was dead. in the second interview he said his father was an alcoholic and when he was a child, his father stabbed his mother. sergey walked in on that. After his father went to jail his mother put sergey in to the orphan system where he has been since. Neither his father nor mother came so as state law goes,  social services had to come to deliver him to a boys home. I asked sergey if I could come along to where he was being taken. he asked the driver who said yes so i cruised to the new house. I didn’t understand most of the conversation between the new landlords and my two friends, but I can read body language very well. The Landlords were happy. The boys were everything but excited to be there. Sergey didn’t even know where he was going when he left the orhanage. He cried on the way there. Sergey wears his heart on his sleave which is why I think we connect.  he wasn’t alone on the voyage there, there was a sasha, who spoke italian. Each step of friendship with Sergey has requeired another orphan who spoke Italian. Sasha has no parents and God placed him in the van with us so I could tell him that God has a program for us. All of us.  When we were delivered to the house in a red van I noticed a disconnect that the two boys had with their surroundings. As if they had to put their hearts in another gear to make themselves know this was going to be home for an unknown amount of time.

Neither of them like the new house which is in a small town northwest of kyiv. the walls are blank and there is no tv, no friends. I want to support Sergey with 200 a month. That is 20 friends, 10 dollars a month. For 5 months at first.

I took out sasha and sergey to dinner tonight where we ate a lot of food at a Ukrainian buffet style dinner. Sasha seemed to order the same potatoes and salad he would eat at the orphanage. Taste buds don’t work for anything else after so many years he motioned. Except this time the potatoes weren’t cooked well. His fork couldn’t go through it without pressure.

Sergey and I talk with 3 words. Jesus. Drooga (friend) and Pamoche (Help). “Jesus, Drooga. Sergey, Drooga” I tell him.

I learned a lot about the commitment it takes to know an orphan. It is a lot.

  1. Amy said:

    I hopped over to your blog from Lori’s link. Your photography is A-MA-ZING! And Canons rocks!

  2. jdotess said:

    wow, this was powerful. love is powerful, thank you for bringing that to them.

  3. Carrie said:

    if you’re really gonna help support him, I’ll do ten a month (bout all I can do now)

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