I have had an amazing time here with the children in the western part of ukraine. i am trying to develop my stories here which is going slow. My outline for my movie is coming together in an amazing way, now just need to get people talking about stuff. Moldova will most likely be put on hold.

Sergey is making a great transition to life outside the orphanage.  There is a non profit group that helped him that wants to hire him for a year to put some good influence and discipleship in his life.  They don’t have money to support him so i have been asked to raise 200 a month for him. That is just 8 supporters at 25 bucks a month for one year. Comes out to 300 in total. If you have one less starbucks and muffin each week for a year you are almost there. Please consider this, it will be tax deductible too. Thanks!


  1. Rosanna Antonuccio said:

    Hi Steve! You’re a Great Boy…a Special boy… I always know this…I send you a KisS!

  2. Rosanna Antonuccio said:

    ciao ti ho inviato delle nostre foto……bacini da todos!!!

  3. Maria said:

    Steve- it seem like you are truly experiencing life over there. I am praying for you and all the work you put down! I hope we can meet in DC in late august, but till then- God Bless! /M

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