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Ukrainian musician Pavel Gudimov sits for an interview with me about the “Not For Sale” campaign he did for an exhibition he funded that was displayed at his gallery, Я Галерея. (Pronounced Ya Galleria). I told him, “you are so cool” after I was done with my interview which he responded, “You are so cool”.  It was a good moment.

My story is going great. I have had the best week yet, and that is how it should be. Just bought my tickets home for not cheap. My faith is stronger because of it though. Don’t allow blessings to be talked about as problems, because they aren’t as we often find that our problems are actually blessings/discipline.

Tomorrow I go to Chernobyl for three days, then I come home and interview 3 big interviews. Unfortunately I could only get a ticket to come home July 31 at 1030am. Sorry Jump, I will be there though! Best man coming back from the Ukraine.

Best part of the day….seeing how confused I was about everything and how God worked in each part of that confusion.

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