Can’t Stand, Dont Stand

My last amour was knocked off and now I am up against a wall. I can’t see the way out and my defenses that have kept me fighting other fights now sit useless. I am forced to approach what I know I can not overcome. I am afraid, that I am a failure, I am afraid of loss. And to all this I have realized I have been running. My battle will be won however, my bowed heart the only offering I have to bring to the table, as I stretch out my crippled hand towards the Lord and ask him to make right my path. I have no other option. I can’t see how all my month, from finance to foreign travel, I do not have a plan. All of you who wish you could travel understand that on your first trip, when the lord allows you to go, you will most likely have more joy in the actual experience than I do with any of mine. Because after awhile, 8 years in fact, of travel, the only Love I haven’t left behind is God. In this day I can see transition for many and for those many the steps of the righteous might not be known until the battle cries but though not known, still, there is no surprising the Lord.

  1. Amy said:

    This is a really beautiful and vulnerable post, like a psalm. I’m praying for you and I pray that you have strength in these weary times.

  2. Marina Shevchenko said:

    We can overcome everything. With God all things are possible. And there is no fear in Love. If there is a wall in front of you, look around, there is must be a door from the other side. When one door is closed, other one is opened. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord” Isaiah 55:8

  3. Mike Danaher said:

    Stephen, I am Peter’s dad. I liked your post. If I can share that when ever I have been in the place you wrote about ( for me in it is with homeschooling),I have had to go back to the mission statement and vision the Lord gave me for our homeschool. There are times when I feel like King Theoden(?) in Two Towers when the Orcks have breeched the castle and he is having his armour put on and he says to himself seemingly in a daze, “how did it get to this?” { or something like that}. He is then reminded by Aragorn who he is, he is the King! The vision and mission statement does that for me. Reminds me what I am doing in the midst of battle, when things seem to be crashing around me.

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