and now. the news.

Praise your name lord. I am now in San Francisco again for East Meets West for the 20th anniversary video premier. A year and a half after the beginning. This is my first premier for one of my movies. Friday I will be in DC. My day looked like this….
woke up this morning to meet jesus at the mortgage center
went in with papers. could not find address then internet didnt work, then  met ruth and found out i made 49 dollars more than i spent in the past 3 months = i most likely will be able to save my home. thank you obama.

amos drove me and picked me up.

left and talked to pie man, “Come on you have money in the bank?” can’t buy a bean pie today bro. trying to save my house.

grabbed a smoothie with amos which he paid for then later i gave him a gifted gift card to the bucks.
came back and cleaned after submitting package to bank of america
cleaned then had jedd come over. might get my place rented out. ptl.
jedd and i talked about art and creating and pilot leaving
andrew came over and helped me pack and took me to coffee. I had to pick up my passport from the obama help for homeowners

grabbed a cup of coffee with andrew which he paid for. saw pie man again and averted my eyes not to make contact. 2 starbucks=1 pie.

got to the airport and walked through security.

plane ride, 5 hours, nurse writing book on left, real estate salesman reading “Hero’s of Finance” on right.

so many thoughts without paper to write on. so many creative thoughts, without paper to write on.

checked my bag with journal. got out of the airport. there was fog. taxi man says cool. detroit is on my mind. then it wasn’t as I checked into my friends extra bedroom.

  1. Chris said:

    Quite a ride. Thankful God is great even where our shirts are ripped.

  2. Sonya said:

    Awesome, Awesome Awesome. I’m so glad to see this. I was laid off too long and lost mine a couple yrs. ago. It was traumatic so I know the feelings especially with kids. God totally provided…I’ll keep praying for you. Hope everything works out well. Can’t wait to see more footage from your movie and stuff!

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