They paved the roads

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Most rocking chairs remain dirty without the proper use and if used properly then you are likely to find a well used journal near by. My rocking chair which sits nestled in the tomotoes of West Virginia is covered in various types of environmental portraiture. The birds have painted, they mud has smeared, the spider has webbed, broken, and webbed again and I look at it all and consider all of that just as good on my shirt and pants as on the rocking chair.

I have new sunglasses and they look cool, like  Steve McQueen might ask me to borrow them cool. They are from Sweden.

I hate cliches, not because of their meaning or over used nature, but becasue they are so good at pin pointing an exact feeling so much of the world feels but rarely gives the patient creativity to put words to. So forced is my quiet stumped non cliche using attitude at my present circumstances that I can give you two answers that define my main question.

Answer 1, The Biblical Answer, I know nothing besides Christ Jesus and him Crucified. This answer works more for the need for myself to define for myself what is going on in my life.It answers that I have  nothing yet I have it all.

Answer 2, The Me Answer, I have no idea what all this craziness (enter explanation here) is going to amount to, so much of no idea that I sit shirtless in the backyard of my parents home in WV with the possibility of losing my home to foreclosure, I could be on a plane to Mongolia and China or Ukraine or Vietnam or London in the next few weeks, any attempt to plan any part of my life is haulted by an inconclusive ability to specify what any of my opportunities actually are.  I dont have a how am i doing because any of my doing is so last minute that until I pass what I am doing only then do i know how i did. When I open my mouth the phone rings asking me to continue my creativity elsewhere. Demanding I stay here or drive there or fly there or change that ticket or email person here or edit once again the last seconds of your eternal answer which usually takes more time than the client thinks.

As my computer exports various projects I do between 90-140 push ups over the course of the day which is evident in the reflection in the glossy screen of my macbook pro. Glossy is brighter but harder to color tone images.

Rewinding 12,500 miles of my life my flight miles  odometer now reads 58, 120. In one click I bought a ticket with 12,500 miles of my life’s journey around the world. Those miles and 189 dollars to make a days rate for the WSJ and the NYT.  Speaking in airport code, my recent life has looked like this DTW-NYC-KVB-NYC-DTW-KVB-AMST-DTW-SFO-IAD-BWI-DTW-DAC-DTW.

The flowers in front of me are backlit by the 5:30 sun. No one is home from work yet and my rocking chair I spent the morning in is shaded with half of the harvested tomato plants remaining in the sun. 3 insects are crawling on me all too tiny to kill but not to blow off.

China Mongolia Ukraine London and Vietnam. Ford Foundation ClimateWorks Faceless International and Russ. Without commas in life I can’t understand what is first and when I should breath. The thing about my life is that I dont say no unless God calls me to and until that moment in my mind I am going to all those places. I am doing everything even though I might only do one for now. But for now I am going to all those places when what I want to do is be there for my home church in Detroit and their opening of a second location. If I am not spreading the love of Jesus by his strength and reflecting his message by my life then all of this is counted for loss to time. Loss. Reflect on the long term as the love in the mean time is the best short term policy because all love is from God.

They paved the roads today, Dad can now take back the asphalt he bought for the neighbor.

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