kid brother and his wife. smooochin. Washington DC.

kid brother and his wife. smooochin. Washington DC.

  1. Sarah said:

    I noticed a lot of your work, with the exception of the last post, is black and white. Do you use black and white film or is it just something you prefer?

    • Sarah,

      I grew up shooting film and film I love. I shoot digital and am tired of going to events where I hear questions about why did a photographer shoot black and white for a specific piece or not. I dont like these questions because of the focus of the question. Most don’t look for the answer to be replied in a contextual way but a templated or success driven way. Young photographers and even professionals, spend too much time looking for what works or even they try and template their minds to the workflow of someone on a stage who is looked at as successful.
      So I do not mind your question. I shoot black and white in digital in the bw mode to say simply that yes I shot the assignment in BW. There are many more reasons of the moment in which the color could be drab in a way that I don’t want to focus on, or I appreciate the look and such. honestly though, it is because I look to produce something I have never produced to date; an image I am proud for more than the time it takes to make the next image.

      • Sarah said:

        okay, cool. I was just curious, personally I think black and white is useful in many situations but I still like color more. And film is fun, I’m taking a film photography class at my school and I totally love the dark room.

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