President Obama Calls Out Kanye

Kanye was crazy last night at the Music Awards. I have seen a few videos on youtube of him freaking out in different public places. I had a chance to pray with him backstage in Detroit for a minute before he went out to Jesus Walks. He told me, “Thanks”. So there. Something different. We all have our moments where we grab attention, or want to at least. Before we point at him with comments,  understand we all have our moment we want to retake, that moment we later think of and ask why did we. Even when we walk away and think that we could have said something better or harsher or more smart. We are saved more that we think by our slow thinking. The fact that he is being reamed right now is not to the fault of his soul but that of his flesh, which is selfish by nature and constantly at war.

Dont learn more than you teach yourself, but with grace be humble enough to learn. Then, be careful, wisdom may just sneak up to give you a microphone.

  1. Amy said:

    I heard the cast of “Glee” perform a Kanye West song last week on the show. I didn’t really like the song or much of Kanye’s music. But I do think the whole “jackass” comment from President Obama was rather amusing. 🙂

  2. Sarah said:

    Who’s he supposed to be talking to? I love the line about PETA relating to the fly ninja-ing move.

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