Wish I More, Still 9 to Me

And what are we to consider, that rides on angels wings? Our loved one or the trouble of distant gun? Adopting worried cares complete with burdens and stares disciples need never filled.  Haste isn’t laid down when brides are won. And angels come at the distant gun. What is range if the sniper looks and sees both target and enemy the same? Why disprove non fiction by argument and verse when all you need is at your hand, until it’s gone. A scientist will say their stone is a fact until Obama or another stone brings something to distract.

God is God for as long as man can remember. Planet Pluto was pronounced dead last September, what is to disprove but truth that man has made? For we are so smart now! We know that we know less about things smart people know they know nothing about! Us In the middle of financial shade, so close as friends to the capital giving light and blame! If your argument is, “Raised you were which is why you are”, then why did planet pluto die? I was raised to know Jesus and the 9 planets. 7 or 8 left, i am not sure. Three years of paleontology gave me a deeper love for the study of.

Pluto; KIA by a science board which is out to prove.

Compound intelligence gives us only technology. Science proves we know little, there is a lot to know, and what we do know gives us a glimpse at the intricacies of God design.

Late is the only time to write. People expect early and forget after which causes the surprise.

Next Year in Christian Science Monitor and a pulpit near you; Da Vinci is found out to be the father of an ape, which he adopted, in a scandal, by finding a code (with some kind of fallen priest) about modern day hatred between whomever wants to hate and whomever else wants to hate. In the next issue, “What does proving prove?” and, “Dodgeball gives you cancer!”

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