Talk to Strangers

Picture 1

Joe Pickett, Brooklyn, NY. First photography teacher. Brought me into the world of strangers.

August, 2002, an idealistic photo student walked into a class with some shots from Cambodia. A week later I was at the bottom of the Stratosphere Hotel parking lot, 8 stories underground, with Pickett, photographing a man who threw away the trash. 1 year later with those photographs I was accepted into the Eddie Adams Workshop. 1 year after that I worked at the Eddie Adams Workshop. 9 days later I was in Detroit working for the Free Press. 4 years later I am headed to China.

the most personal thank you a photographer can give is a portrait.

photo taken in typical one shot one kill fashion. after 9 days in Ukraine, this was the only shot in Brooklyn over a 4 day trip.

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