Real Church 5th Anniversary, Live Bloggin

Pastor Chilly, paraphrased by Stephen McGee

What does God want to say to us on our five year anniversary. How does God make his church work together?

Our church has black, brown and white and all mixtures in between. This is a church that looks like heaven. Jesus purifies all of us, all races, of our sins. When we work together we can be an example in Detroit and Hamtramck. It is not a community event that will do this. It is Jesus. The symbol we use here at our church for the cross is a universal joint from an automobile. We live, in fact, in the motor city, so it is quite fitting.

Real Church The Universal Joint.

Three things to think about when looking at our church and how God is working; the motion, the mechanics and our mission. Pastor Chilly, “I’m know that I dont know everything”. So Today we will talk to 3 of our members who are smart and work in the motor city.

Romans Chapter 8:28 God cause everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

Phillipeans Chapter 2:2 Then make me turely happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with eachother loving one another and working together with one mind an purpose.

Paul is asking God what makes God whole wholeheartedly. If you throw a bunch of things in a car without thought it wont work. A U Joint causes the transfer of power and rotation along a bent path.

Mo Takes over the Sermon-

Three things we need for motion, a device and a designer.  we need a desire to move past the beginning. We can’t be satisfied standing still. We also need a device to transfer energy into motion. To make sure we work correctly, we need a designer and that designer is God.

The Church is the Universal joint that brings people together. Christians who are separate from a church home, God will find another member to take your place. So be humble. Second if you are a church that is not operating correctly, God will find another body who is humble and willing to do his will.

James 2:2 You see his faith and his actions worked together his actions made his faith complete.

The U Joint is the key to the drive line.  The u joint is great because it is designed to take pot holes. It does what the car does, because it is driven by the car. It doesn’t have a choice. It has to work when the car moves. It works though because it is strong and it is tough and it has to be resisdent.

Anthony Gancer Continues the Sermon-

We too like a U Joint have to be free of the things of this world. We must be protective. Keep yourself from being poluted so when the pot holes come

Phil 2:14 says do everything without complaining

WE need to be ready for Gods work. AND we need to know that we ARE ready for Gods work because we have been designed to move with and in HIS work.

We in the church bring stability to eachother. EPH 4:16 God makes the whole body fit together. As a church we want the holy spirit to drive us, but as the parts we know that the Holy Spirit uses us to go.

WE Not Me. We want this thing, this church to move. We Need Monday, We Need Sunday, We Need Wednesday. Why only one hour a week? Would you only want oil in your car for one hour a week? How bout a faith that is more than a song, more than a Sunday morning. E+very=Body*.  Think about it. We are all called to make disciples.

Back to Chilly- Serving God is Fun, No Me, Know He, Show Free, Grow We. Motion+ Mechanic+Mission=Ministry. If you drive around Detroit you will see a bunch of boarded up churches. If the church is not an active member of the community, if it locks up, it will fail. Be obedient to the Lord.

God has a plan and a motion to do that plan.

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  1. Janie Woodward said:

    i just listened to this podcast last night and was totally blessed by it! Praise God for Real Church.

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