A reason continually

One of the most frightening, faint provoking, nauseating, empty set moments in my life is a lie that is easy to believe. When I look back  on my all photographic and visual work I begin to think of it as inadequate, unable to justify the current time, finding it average, all of it average. Like a hohum of a fall day, after all the leaves are gone and it isn’t cold and it isn’t warm.
I am trying to find a story in my photographs from 6 different countries that represents how life is changing because of how the earth is changing and I can’t find it yet, at least I cant find value in it yet.
The reason I create continually is at my hope because God is bringing glory to himself through it, but also, a small reason, is to forget what I had just been through in the mystery of the next moment ahead.

You’re lucky you’re doing something you don’t love and hoping one day to find what you love to be what you are doing.

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