Me and Kidd, again.

I walk out of my condo’s front door, with joel, kidd rock and his manager walk in, with a sales lady, and I continue with joel to his car. I have made joel 45 minutes late already, “But kidd rock is walking into my building looking for a house”.
“Joel, I have to do something”.
Joel and I walk back into my building and go up to my 7th floor condo. Kidd is on the 8th floor looking at the best condo open for the market.
I stage joel at the elevator and I go into my house to look for my last biz card. I peak out, “Has the elevator moved?” Nope.
My last biz card was found and Joel and I were at the elevator door. “What are we waiting for?’
“Like clockwork, The elevator will go up, I will click the down button, and we will be in the elevator with Kidd Rock, in my house. But we are only going to wait 5 minutes.
Four minutes later the elevator warms up and goes up one floor. My heart rate escalates, but I keep it cool.
I hear the door open up a floor above mine ,”Like Clockwork” I mention to Joel again, and proceed to click the button to go down.
The elevator stopped and opened up to my floor and there was Kidd Rock, with his agent.
Joel and I went in.
I looked across at Kidd Rock and said, “We have mutual friends”.
“Oh really?”
“Yeah, Clay Patrick McBride. (kidd rocks prime photographer/awesome dude), We taught a workshop together in NY a few years back”.
Kidd looked at me with a smile because him and Clay are good friends.
The elevator was almost to the ground when I said, ” I actually shot your wedding too”.
Kidd looked at me and said ” That was a good time”.
“Yeah, I said, it peaked for me when I was hanging at a table with you and Bob Seager”.
He reached out his hand and introduced himself as Bob.
I am Stephen McGee, nice to meet you again. I said.
We walked out to the car and I asked him if I could give him my card. He said yes. I told him “I do music videos, well not really, I do documentaries, but you probably already have someone”.
“No we always are looking for local talent.”
“Well” I ended,” thanks for being such a advocate for Detroit”.
“No, Thank you,” He ended.

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